Monday, November 13, 2006

Star of India

Great article on the Star of India in today's SF Chronicle. She's made of 143-year-old's that for old school?

EXCERPT: "That the Star of India exists at all, much less sails, is a small miracle. It was wrecked at least once, went through a mutiny, its first captain died at sea, it was nearly lost in a hurricane, and it was sold at age 70 for $9,000 to ship fans in San Diego, where it languished for years, neglected and forlorn."


Anonymous said...

She's not made of bark! She is a bark or barque: "any vessel with a particular type of rig. This comprises three (or more) masts, fore-and-aft sails on the aftermost mast and square sails on all other masts." see


Zephyr (Sail) said...

Thank you - I'll post the correction today ;-)