Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

I was chatting with my new friend RJ Kikuchiyo the other day as he was helping me fix seams on my house at "The Dunes" and mentioned the sad news of Laura Gainey's death by rougue wave. He knows a couple of the crew currently aboard the tall ship Picton Castle and, as well, is a fan of the barques home port Lunenburg, in Nova Scotia, Canada. I've heard of Lunenburg in passing... but RJ spoke highly of it so I decided to do some research. Surrounded by water, the coastal village is nestled between Lunenburg "Front" and "Back" Harbours, on a steep hillside facing south. The town was founded by German, English, French and Swiss immigrant farmers who, it is said, through necessity, time and determination became some of the world's finest seamen and shipbuilders. Picton Castle is part of a robust tall ship fleet based out of Lunenburg - which includes a replica of Canada's most famous tall ship, Bluenose - the Bluenose II.

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Rodney Mackay said...

Long time passing, But appreciated your Lunenburg comments. I am a native of North America, but not of Lunenburg.