Monday, January 15, 2007

Larry Says...Shorten the Cycle

Bloomberg News ran a story on Friday about a push by Larry Ellison to stage the America's Cup every two years instead of four. The piece quotes Tom Ehman, a director of the BMW Oracle Racing team, saying, " Most of the 12 teams competing this year are ``strongly in favor'' of a two-year cycle because it would cut costs and provide a more regular revenue stream..."

According to the story...the change would be the latest innovation aimed at increasing the exposure of an event that dates back to 1851. Teams in this year's cup have competed in a 2 1/2-year series of qualifying regattas, hosted by ports around Europe and watched by 1.3 billion television viewers. A biennial event could turn the cup into a nonstop global roadshow.

Is that what the America's Cup is supposed to be? A "nonstop global roadshow" would likely mean an entrenched group of contenders with a lock on sponsorships and talent. On the other hand, a tighter turn-around would mean a higher profile for the contest. One thing for's no suprise to anyone that Larry is in the mix here. The guy likes to shake it up. Next on his list? Drafting a new AC Deed of Gift.

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Pat said...

Darn... that two-year cycle will put it just beyond our team Black Magic regatta budget. Only about 10,000,000 percent. So close.