Monday, March 05, 2007

Tall Ship "Spirit of South Carolina" Launched

Since a visit - nearly two years ago - to Charleston, SC for a wedding I've been interested in and posted on the lowcountry sailing scene. South Carolina is a sailors mecca, allbeit not as high profile as Newport or Annapolis...and so it's with great pleasure that I point to news of Sunday's launch of South Carolina’s only tall ship - a 142-ton, wooden schooner aptly named "Spirit of South Carolina." The project is sponsored by the South Carolina Maritime Heritage Foundation which is itself the repository of a wealth of SC Maritime history.

According to SCMHF, the Spirit of South Carolina is a pilot schooner reminiscent of the Frances Elizabeth, a vessel that was originally built by the Samuel J. Pregnall & Bros. Shipyard in Charleston in 1879 and served pilots in this city's harbor for 25 years. Plans for the Frances Elizabeth, from which the new ship has been adapted, were found at the Smithsonian Institution within that organization's extensive collection.

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