Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hell breaks loose on the Atlantic

Here's a terrific story in Soundings Magazine about events surrounding the recent (May 5) storm off of North Carolina that I referenced in my Monday post. Lt. Cdr. Daniel Molthen was the pilot of the USCG helicopter launched a little after 6:30 Monday morning to rescue the crew of one of the distressed yachts, Seaker - which was being battered in shoal waters close to the coast. Sounding provides a link to video (Quicktime plug in needed) testimonials from Molthen and other rescuers...with actual footage from the event!

“We finally found them, and they were pretty much … getting pummeled by these 30- to 40-foot waves,” Molthen says. The three sailors were inside the boat — a 70-year-old couple and their 45-year-old daughter, he says. “I got right on top of them, and finally the guy poked his head out, and we finally got radio contact with them again. We told them to wait for [the] swimmer to get near.”

Apologies for posting on two similar topics in a row but this was just too good to pass us. Besides, anything for a break from the relentless AC coverage.

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