Monday, May 07, 2007

Tillerman's Writing Project

I don't usually write about other bloggers - which would in part explain my painfully low "authority" rating on technorati - but Tillerman over at Proper Course is off on a tangent and, as a fellow sailing blogger, I feel compelled to direct your attention to his shift in format...a writing contest of sorts designed to bring us sailors together to relate variations on a common thread, namely, "...the worst mistake or most embarrassing moment you had while sailing."

Now most of us don't make mistakes (sarcasm implied) but if you can bear to own up then submit your story to Tillerman and look forward to the results ;-) Should be an entertaining collection of anecdotes...

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Tillerman said...

Thanks for the plug Zephyr. Hope you will contribute one of your own stories. I promise to add one of my own embarrassing moments to add to the many ones already documented on my blog!