Monday, June 11, 2007

Good Sleeping Weather

We had a solid camping trip this past weekend in Rhode Island...arriving on Conanicut Island after a two and a half hour drive up 95 through dismal rain storms we found the camp site damp and cloudy...but the showers passing to the north. We pitched the tents and the kids had a blast exploring the rocky beaches, uncovering starfish and crabs while the grown-ups caught up over fireside Dark n Stormy's. By the time we turned in around midnight, stars were peeking through the clouds and a cool, steady easterly had developed. Good sleeping weather!

The following morning (Sunday) we struck camp and took the bridge into Newport. Attractions included taking the kids to see one of my favorite places, the I.Y.R.S., and then a romp around Ft. Adams with a stop at the Museum of Yachting and a scenic drive for good measure (my five year-old, "...what's scenic mean Dad?" me, "look out the window, kid") around Brenton Point.

Unfortunately the NYYC moved the Sunday start way out to the ocean for the race so we didn't get the chance to view up close but thank you Tillerman, we pointed the kids to the Optis battling under the Pell Bridge (see above photos).

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