Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Forget the house -- you can live on your boat

Baby boomers in a market for a second vacation home or considering downsizing...take a read here in Sunday's Maine Telegram. "Betsy and Nat Warren-White, both 57, are living a life most of us only dream of or read about in the pages of a glossy travel magazine."

Only it's a lot safer and drier in the pages of a glossy travel magazine. Never mind. Here we have a boomer couple eschewing the golf course in favor of 20-foot swells offshore (and wicked ocean sunsets). Next time you slip off the sail cover for a weekend jaunt consider this itinerary...

"OUR VISION for the 'Voyage of Bahati' is to spend the next three years winding our way from the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, down to the Galapagos Islands, across the Pacific to the Marquesas, Cook, Tahiti, Vanuatu, Tuamotu and other South Sea islands, then crossing down to New Zealand, Australia and up along the Great Barrier Reef and into Southeast Asia, including Bali and Thailand.

FROM THERE we plan to find our way west and south again across the Indian Ocean and on down to the Cape of Good Hope with a visit to Bahati's port-of-birth in Durban, South Africa. We'll then head for home again, crossing the Atlantic and touching in along the eastern shores of South America, back up through the Caribbean, and, eventually, with an additional measure of luck and good fortune find our way home to Maine again."

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