Friday, November 16, 2007

Chill Winds on the Chesapeake

I know that there are a few die-hard "frostbiters" out there but most of us along the Northeastern U.S. seaboard have turned to our fireplaces and armchair sea tales about now... soon it will be time for turkey and pumpkin pie. Other, more fortunate voyagers, have turned their bows south for warmer climes. Once upon a time I participated in this migration and still feel the pull of sparkling blue turquoise water and steady Christmas winds on the beam.

But we take what we can get...which is why it was my pleasure to join my father and brother last weekend as we accompanied my five year old son on his first sailboat overnight. Admittedly not a lot of sailing was accomplished. Even on the Chesapeake the chill winds can blow in November. But we found a nice, albeit unpopulated, anchorage off the Tred Avon River and proceeded to indoctrinate the boy into life aboard. We were lucky on two my Father has DVD capability which, after we'd explored the 46's Morris sloop stem to stern, was a blessing. The other was that the boy sleeps soundly which, after we'd run through the available single malt scotch, was as well a blessing.

Have a great weekend!

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