Tuesday, March 29, 2005

40 years of Hobie Cat

Good article here about the 40 year reign of the Hobie Cat. The article mentions the Worrell 1000, a Hobie race up the east coast...Florida to Virginia. The reporter says the race is not run anymore…is this true? Research dug up the 2004 site here. Back to Hobie Cats. I have a close friend who’s always been a Hobie freak and despite a growing family, an office job and all the other trappings of "real" life still owns a 21 (parked in a garage somewhere). My very first pitch pole was aboard his Hobie 16 in the Delaware Bay off Cape May, NJ back in the mid 80's. He stuck me in the trap and pointed the bow to a darkening cloud gathering across the Bay. As the wind gusted we rode the edge, skimming close to disaster, hearts in our throats. In my mind this is what makes the Hobie such sheer fun – in a breeze the speed and constant proximity to a wipeout provide unmitigated thrills. Sure enough he buried the windward hull in a swell and sent us ass over can. I have flashes of flying through the air, smacking into the water, a brief struggle to free myself from the harness and kick for the surface. The Hobie is celebrating its 40th year and, for those of us who either are approaching or have surpassed the same landmark - it is a good feeling to share it with such a fine example of pure sailing enjoyment.

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