Monday, March 28, 2005

One addition to top ten rums

Yes - windsend is right...Mount Gay deserves to be on the top ten rums list. Let's knock the Austrian mountain sauce off and add the Barbudan jungle juice. It tastes fine, just not exceptional, and they do funnel a lot of $$ towards racing. More importantly - love or hate those red caps - they are an integral part of sailing culture. I vote in favor of the Mount Gay Extra Old.

Top ten fine rums loved by voyagers, zealots, poets and populists...who :
* Goslings
* Pussers
* Bundaberg Gold
* Anejo (Anniversario)
* Ron Zacappa Centenario
* Cockspur
* Cruzan Gold Reserve
* Lambs Rum
* older Dominican rum
* Mount Gay (Extra Old)

1 comment:

hold fast said...

Living down the street from Pusser's Landing, i joined the Pusser's bandwagon, then promptly fell off as i discovered better rums. Even the "Famous Pusser's Painkiller" is far better with Mount Gay substituted for the Pusser's.
Having said that, i have yet to critically imbibe upon any of their premium labels (Nelson's Blood, et al). Still, in my opinion, Pusser's packaging has become more the product than the rum itself.
But a Goslings, lime, and water (hold the ice), or a proper Dork & Stormy... well, that's another story