Wednesday, March 16, 2005

California dreaming

You might wonder why somebody with a passion for sailing is doing writing a weblog. Shouldn't we be sailing rather than staring at a computer? Aren't "blogs" kind of geeky? We moved to the east coast a year ago from San Francisco and more than one adjustment had to be made. A big one was giving up year 'round sailing. It's March now and if I was still in the Bay area, I'd have been on the Bay all winter. Instead I'm just hanging on for what seems like, at the moment, a very elusive spring season. Does such a short season make me appreciate being on the water even more? I'm a huge fan of the change of seasons, but not much of a frostbiter. Of course there are a lot more places to discover, tuck in, etc on the east coast. Anyone have thoughts on this trade off?

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