Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Watch Hill 15

While we're on the subject of spring coming and summer not far behind has anyone heard of the venerable Watch Hill 15? They're jib-headed mainsail Herreshoff sloops, initially a a modification of the Buzzards Bay 15-footer called the Watch Hill Class - designed in 1923 for the Watch Hill Yacht Club. Watch Hill is a beautiful place but not strong on "populism" these days. However, I've been fortunate enough, through a family connection, to have had a chance to sail on one last summer - we'll overlook (momentarily) the non-populist vibe of Watch Hill in favor of the WH 15's beauty, grace and history. If you're a sailor who appreciates works of art, it's a history worth knowing.

A Watch Hill 15 downwind on a Saturday race off Stonington, CT - August '04 Posted by Hello

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Angie said...

I came across this while researching this boat, I am surveying one in Newport. Apparently the designer/builder was a major Herreshoff shipwright who took the Buzzard Bay 15 and gave it his spin. The one I am working on is from Nantucket. I didn't know there were many of them!