Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Sailboat is a Sinkhole

I once entertained the idea of opening a “fractional” yacht ownership business somewhere in coastal CT but other things - diapers and pre-school tuitions, health care costs – intervened. I still think it’s a great idea…back in April I wrote an “Ode to Owning” that covered some of the issues around yacht ownership and mentioned Sailtime, the franchise that I’d linked up with for initial discussions around the business. They have a great model but I have to give it to 28-year old entrepreneur Ian Treibick from Stamford, CT. Read about his Greenwich-based WindPath, Inc. in Stamford Advocate – he’s founded a business along the same lines as Sailtime, but without the typical franchisee stress of feeding the corporate till. According to the article he’s already filled six of the eight “fractions” available for his 2005 35-foot Catalina 350. The following quote from Treibick sums up the wisdom of fractional ownership for sailors who lead otherwise busy and cost-intensive lives. I'll add that any 28-year old who has the wherewithal to find a viable way to make a living from his (or her) passion is well worth their salt.

"A sailboat is a sinkhole in the water," said Treibick, who grew up racing small Laser boats on the Long Island Sound. "The cost is pretty overwhelming for a lot of people."

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