Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sails for Mirabella V

Busy day so a brief posting on sailmaking. Sailmakers, as many of you may know, are not just providers of essential cloth and repairers of ravaged spinnakers – they are an intrinsic part of culture. May of them are professional racers and otherwise skilled aboard a sailboat. Their profession brings them in touch with the big guns of the sport and their knowledge is valued on anything propelled on the water by wind. Unfortunately, many of them can be arrogant pricks, no names mind you but true enough to generalize. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t more than a few good apples out there – Ocean Navigator has a very interesting article here about Doyle Sailmakers' project for Ron Holland’s super-sloop Mirabella V, the largest single-masted sailing yacht yet built. Doyle is a great shop in my experience - staffed with folks who know and love the sport and don’t let that swell their heads. And that would be easy to do if you landed a project like this. Enjoy the article...

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