Friday, September 02, 2005

The End of Summer

Happy Labor Day weekend! See you next week...hope you get out on the water (and there's a breeze).


robin said...

Thanks for my publicity!! One of the more extraordinary things I saw on my trip was a little, home made, 19 foot sailing boat owned and sailed by a, now, 76 year old Swede. He towed it on a trailor from Sweden to Gibralter in 1986 "the weather was too bad to launch in Sweden" and has now reached Australia. It took him over 2 years to get through the Panama canal as the boat was too small for the authorities to accept!!. He even attempted to drag it across the isthmus on a horse drawn cart!! His target is Brazil "the girls are so pretty"

I have a photo (and a short video clip) if you're interested. If so, I would need an address.

I hope you enjoyed Labor Day, I did!!


robin said...

PS If you need to e-mail with an address, it's: