Monday, September 05, 2005

Nicely Making Way

Just in off the water from a Labor Day sail on our Laser. It's a beautiful afternoon on the Chesapeake Bay...sunny and cool with just the right amount of air to get the boat nicely making way. Though I love bit boat racing there is something about being so close to the water, an ability to feel a oneness with the boat that you just don't get with a keel. My mind is gelled from the sail so nothing to point you to today...we'll be back in the swing of it tommorow.


Jarrett said...

You can sail a small keelboat and be plenty close to the water. I have South Coast 23, Alberg-designed. It heels in a nice breeze, and when it's not heeling you can put your hand over and dip it in the water.

And you can anchor, go below and get out of the sun, and actually use the head.


hold fast said...

i teach Lasers to kids through the winter, and while they're certianly alot of fun, i feel a bit big and cramped on one. My "daily sailor" is a Dyer Midget, which although not much bigger, has a little more freeboard, and a place to lean against on a lazy day.
Both miss out on another bit vital to a great daysailor; room for a friend and/or a cooler. My new dinghy should solve this, at least for limber friends and smallish coolers...