Monday, September 19, 2005

Pride II Goes Down (but not out)

A good read here in the Portsmouth Herald on the recent dismasting of the Pride of Baltimore II on September 5. I wrote about the Pride II last spring – she’s a 108-foot topsail schooner owned by the state of Maryland and built to the lines of an 1812-era Baltimore Clipper. The original Pride was lost in 1986 off the coast of Puerto Rico to a sudden force of wind deemed a “microburst squall.” As the article discusses…following suit Pride II was also caught in a violent squall…in this case she was southbound off the coast of France. Three people, including the Captain, died in the first accident…in the more recent disaster no one, fortunately, lost their lives and despite the carnage from the dismasting, Pride II was able to motor 80 miles into St. Nazaire, France for repairs. Strange how history repeats the reporter points out, one constant is the inherent danger of going to sea.

On another note...does anyone doubt the existence of giant squids? Have a gander at Wingsail's blog.


hold fast said...

Two Pride crewmembers have a blog at with plenty of photos of the carnage.

Erin and Bhodi said...


The blog address is

Check it out.

~~ Bhodi

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Thanks Bhodi!