Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas Winds, come blowing in...

Some good feedback came across from seadated on the last post.

The term "dead" reckoning actually comes from an abbreviation often used in ship's logs for deduced reckoning. They would spell it de'ed reckoning. Not that you wouldn't have already known that, but I just read it today in a Chapman book and thought it was interesting.

Thanks brotherman. I love tidbits like this...should have taken my lazy ass to the Chapman's
languishing in my closet.

As well our esteemed
Caribbean colleague, hold fast, says of the technology killing sailing topic, "There is a fine line between mastering technology and being mastered by it." Could not agree the rest of his comment in the previous post. By the way hold fast, more snow coming our way tonight. Have the Christmas Winds filled in yet down there?

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hold fast said...

The Christams Winds? Oh yes, The Dinghy Flipping Winds... Yes, they're about from time to time, scaring all the bareboaters into the harbour. :)