Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Video Killed the Radio Star

Holiday office party has squeezed my day so look for more detail tommorow...but you should really take a peek at this article in which maxi skipper Sean Langman insists that technology is "killing sailing." I've not been privy to the sort of high-end push button technology (aside from the odd winch) that Sean regularly encounters on modern maxi's. Still I have to agree with his point and oh by the way, have you ever been offshore and wondered what might happen if the GPS shit the's called "dead" reckoning.


hold fast said...

All about prudence... a careful sailor should always use every resource available to them to safely navigate their craft. I'm all for traditional means, but now that GPS technology is reasonably inexpensive and reliable, I'd definately advocate carrying one.
There is a fine line between mastering technology and being mastered by it. Where are the racing classes that limit technology? 20 crew or 35 crew is moot on some of the new generation of super-maxis; no amount of crew will ever be able to handle sails of such size without electrical or hydraulic aids. The area of individual sails on traditional split rigs has always been determined by the ability of a finite amount of crew to handle them. Modern rig and sail sizes are seemingly governed only ny the imagination of the engineers and the bankroll of the owners.

seadated said...

The term "dead" reckoning actually comes from an abbreviation often used in ship's logs for deduced reckoning. They would spell it de'ed reckoning. Not that you wouldn't have already known that, but I just read it today in a Chapman book and thought it was interesting.