Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Warm by the Fire

The sleek and eminently covetable J/124 is launched. Necho II, the Pharoah of Egypt from 610 to 595 BC, is found to have ordered a fleet manned by the Phoenecians to circumnavigate the continent of Africa...a full 200 years before the Greek scientist Eratosthones calculated the circumference of the Earth as a sphere. The pirates of the Caribbean (remember Captain Ron, boss) strike again and the 23rd annual Lights Parade was recently underway in the merry sailing mecca of Annapolis, Maryland. No, we can't sail here in the Northeast (it's even too chilly for frostbiting diehards)...but it's warm by the fire and the Internet is our friend!

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hold fast said...

Ah, WBM, you've mentioned that covetable J/124 a few times now... :) Being a generally considered an arb'gar, "congealed-snot"-deriding traditionalist, i had usually felt it my role to sneer at J/Boats (especially new ones). Last spring, delivering a Swan northwards (hey, even traditionalists have to feed the kitty), we were stuck awaiting weather and customs in Beaufort awhile... alongside the then brand-spankin' new J/133 "Exile". Hung out with the crew, helped with some sail repairs, and blow me down, actually started to like the looks and feel of the thing... >shudder<... time to go oil some teak and reel myself back from the plastic abyss!