Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Larry's In Bed With BMW

There's a sailing wrap-up from yesterday in the sports section of the San Diego Union-Tribune - including an update on the Volvo (Headline: This race generates sinking feeling) and a blurb on the French 100-foot maxi trimaran Geronimo - but most disturbing is an item that begins, "A victory by Larry Ellison's San Francisco-based Oracle BMW team in the next America's Cup apparently does not guarantee the event's return to the United States."

That's right...remember it's the Oracle/BMW challenge. And despite the location of Oracle's CHQ in Redwood City, CA...BMW has other ideas, none of which involve the North America continent. No offense to my German readers, but what crap. Who wants to pit the SF Bay against the North Sea? Or for that matter, the Baltic?

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