Thursday, December 08, 2005

Luxist Strikes Again

I like to surf "Luxist" for exotic tidbits and sure enough a December 7 entry in the "Water" category touts S/Y Midsummer, a charter schooner built in 1910 plying the East African coast. I've been to East Africa - Kenya in the 1990's - one of the best sojurns I've ever made but...wasn't there news recently of a commercial jetliner shot down with by an RPG fired from Mombassa? I also remember hearing that East Africa is top on the pirate list. You can count on a bit more drama on charter in the Indian Ocean than, say, a typical bareboat cruise in the BVI. Sure, Foxy's can be a threat to your liver and you want to be careful of funny tea at Bomba's...also good to avoid passing out in the gutter in Roadtown (lest you get run over by a donkey) but none of this compares to the good times one might encounter in Zanzibar or Lamu.

Take a look at the yacht even if you don't sign up right away. She's a beauty.

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