Thursday, March 23, 2006

An Old School Marine Chandlary

To continue in the Annapolis vein - don't know what's gotten into me - my favorite marine chandlary is Fawcett Boat Supplies on the City Dock. It's been around since 1948 and was, until recently, family owned. The Kaufman family sold in '05 to a guy my brother met during a stint in the U.S. Marines, Tom Ripley...glad to report the outfit is shipshape, the staff friendly and, if they don't have it, they can get it ASAP. It's nice to see that in this age of corporate hegemony stores like Fawcett still exist. I'm sure folks have other examples...but IMHO they are, increasingly, the exception to the rule.


Anonymous said...

I am relatively new to living in Easport/Annapolis and I could not agree with you more about Fawcett's. I was shopping for some Volvo race gear and one item in particular. It was out of stock and they asked if I wanted to order it. I told them I didn't want to do that because I wasn't sure I wanted it. They said it didn't matter, they would order it anyway. Of course I ordered and bought it. Incredible customer service, selection and staff.

Zephyr (Sail) said...

great feedback...glad that you agree with me! Thanks for commenting.