Friday, March 24, 2006

SAIL Announces New Publisher

Blogs are ostensibly new media and so - though they aren't paying much attention to us - it makes sense that we'd take note of a major announce in the old media the case of Zephyr as such news might pertain to sailing.

The umbrella company responsible for such delights as SAIL, BoatWorks and SAIL's Sailboat Buyers Guide recently announced that Josh Adams has been named publisher, replacing Christopher Kobran who will apparently be pursuing "other ventures." We hope they involve being on the water more and in the office less.

According to a press release, Adams has been with the company for ten years, most recently serving as deputy editor with responsibilities for feature and technical writing, editing SAIL's performance sailing content and directing editorial content for and the Sailboat Buyers Guide. Adams was a three-time collegiate all-American at Tufts University, a member of the U.S. sailing team, a team racing world champion and a trimmer/coach for the 1999 America's Cup challenger Young America. In addition to his racing background, Adams has chartered and cruised in many areas throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

Good luck Josh. I hope you really like your fancy new corner office (I mean really).

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