Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pirates of Yemen & Captain Ron

Here we go again - time to cancel that bareboat charter vacation you've planned for the lovely, tropical coast of East Africa. I've posted on pirates previously here and here and here. And the topic always gets me thinking about my number one sailing comedy...

Below my favorite Captain Ron snippet. Who can top it? I dare you.

[to Ben] Captain Ron: Hey swab. C'mere. Listen up. Now, the way it works shipboard is, you do your job. You do it good, you get a better job. Maybe you get promoted from swab to mate.
[Ben nods]
Captain Ron: Alright. Get on it.
[to Martin] Captain Ron: Sort've an incentive kind of a deal, huh?
Martin Harvey: Ah. Good.
Captain Ron: Yeah, incentives are important...learned that in rehab.


Andy Burton said...

You know, whoever wrote that movie knew a LOT about the boat business from our (the BNs') side. Just look at the way the yacht broker is depicted.

Zephyr said...

You are SO right. I watched it for the first time when I actually was a BN and had the same thought.