Sunday, June 25, 2006

Flags Down on Newport to Bermuda

As the flags were lowered at sunset Saturday marking the finale celebration of one hundred years of yacht racing to Bermuda, the words of the race founder Thomas Fleming Day still ring true. "Sailors simply want to get a smell of the sea and forget for the time being that there is such a thing as God’s green earth and the universe,’ Now, One hundred years later, sailors like His Excellency The Governor of Bermuda Sir John Vereker agree. "It is not hard to understand the bond with the sea when you go out in a small boat," he said. "I loved the vastness. It was just wonderful to be out there for so long under the stars in the Milky Way. When we neared the finish, and the other masthead lights appeared, I actually felt it was a bit of an intrusion."

-Laurie Fullerton

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