Friday, June 23, 2006

Memorial for Merrill

I don't like ending the week on a sad note but as a follow-up to my earlier post on the death of publisher and avid Chesapeake sailor Philip Merrill...his body was discovered nine days later floating in the Bay, ankles tied and a reported shotgun wound to the head. The Washington Post published an article today that covers the memorial ceremony attended by D.C. luminaries including Former CIA directors R. James Woolsey and William H. Webster, former secretary of state Colin L. Powell, World Bank President Paul D. Wolfowitz, Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta and Reagan administration chief of staff Ken Duberstein.

According to the article, Merrill's family has said that his suicide resulted from a struggle with poor physical and emotional health that followed heart surgery a year ago. Police would not comment on the family's statement and are awaiting an autopsy report expected next week that may resolve at least some questions surrounding Merrill's death.

Regardless of the circumstance of his death - Merrill contributed much during life and, like most of us, had a keen appreciation for the life-affirming, soul soothing, challenging yet peaceful character of the sport and pastime of sailing. God rest.

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