Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Morning Light Project

You'll have to be certain to download the latest flash software foryour browser...but it's well worth it for a look at the "Morning Light Project" web site. The Morning Light Project is an effort led by Roy E. Disney to record a real-life adventure feature film during next year's 44th Transpacific Yacht Race to Hawaii

According to the web site, the project is based on the premise of "the youngest crew ever to sail Transpac," and will chronicle the recruitment, training and performance of sailors as young as 18 throughout the 2007 race. On their own they'll campaign a Transpac 52 called Morning Light. None will be actors (the public call for applications just closed). There will be no script and no preconceived outcome.

The film will be distributed by the Walt Disney Company as a theatrical release in 2008. From my perspective, I think this is a tremendous opportunity to not only raise the profile of offshore racing, but also to capture the unfiltered spirit of a historic and compelling team sport that, compared to more widely televised sports events (i.e. the World Cup, The U.S. Open, etc), recieves very little public recognition.

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seadated said...

Wish I'd have known about the casting call. I would have been all over it!