Friday, June 30, 2006


I've been playing with a newly launched online weather tool for sailors - it's called "SailFlow" and you can access it here. It gives you the ability to customize to your home sailing region, where you can target your access to marine weather forecasts as well as the current state of affairs on the water should you be - hopefully - heading to the marina or yacht club. You can also overlay wind forcasts, wind observations, current radar, water temp and tidal flow - all at the click of your mouse. One of the best things about the technology is that they've deployed 300 plus proprietary weather sensors to collect data - adding value to the available public information. It's a very cool resource..for skeptics who suspect a shill, I remain, as I always have in nearly 17 months of writing, utterly unsponsored by SailFlow...or any other vendor.

From the "About SailFlow" section: SailFlow was designed by a dedicated team of engineers, meteorologists, and IT professionals who also enjoy sailing, windsurfing, fishing, kiting, kayaking, etc. Years ago we recognized the need for a real-time weather reporting system and accurate forecasting to maximize enjoyment of our favorite sports. By combining our various talents we have created the ultimate sailing weather resource.

Here's wishing you a healthy, happy and sailing-centric Fourth of July holiday weekend.


Adrift At Sea said...

Thanks Z. Neat link.

Anonymous said...

Looked at SailFlow about a year ago. It was very interesting but provided little or no coverage for the myriads of inland/lake trailer/cartop sailors in the Central NC area. This is a common complaint on the national scene. The 1970-95 migration of talent to ex Agri/Rust belt cities is now manifesting itself in the form of young people looking for social forms of recreation. Any room for long-term(>=5 years). market development?

Remember you folks in the Excuse Dept, "The Big Guys" are audited. I have "Big 5" auditors in my family. No way they are going to do it!