Friday, September 08, 2006

These Days

I've been treading water in "reportorial" mode for the last week or so of posts but in advance the weekend I thought I'd turn reflective. My so-called commute is a 20 minute drive across the CT/NY border down beautiful winding country roads. The local NPR station fades as I leave town so I usually have music from the ipod playing...this morning it was Ray LaMontagne's new album, Till the Sun Turns Black. When the weather is nice, as it was this morning, the sun roof is open and I thoroughly enjoy the drive...even though it culminates in a parking lot full of cars and the inevitable tread to the windowless office for nine hours of canned air and computer screen. Poor me.

Along the country road this morning there were the first tinges of color on some of the trees and though the days are still warm and at night the crickets sing, before long we'll feel the advancing chill of winter...which means, among other things, the end of the sailing season around here.

In my past life as a boat bum we'd be gearing up for the push down to Florida, a nice point from which to make the jump to the Carribean for the winter season. We'd make every effort to time departure on the heels of a low pressure which would mean a lumpy sea under clear skies and a stiff breeze...not the worst combination.

These days I have the country road commute to look forward too, the pleasure of arriving home after a day of work to my young children and wife and, of course, the weekends. Not to mention that this time of the year is hands down the most glorious season to sail Long Island Sound, should I be so fortunate. It will soon be time for raking leaves and lighting fires in the fireplace and apple cider.

Not the worst combination.

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