Monday, September 11, 2006

Kozlowski Sells Endeavour for $13.1 m

Many of you have seen this by now but given that the remaining J/Class yachts are the sailing equivalent of floating altars, I thought that I should mention Kozlowski's $167 million legal bill, and his attempt to make good on at least 13 m via the sale of Endeavor. When I wrote this post last summer I actually had no idea Dennis owned the craft, but now it's quite clear that despite what the man lacked in moral fiber he at least had a sense of nautical aesthetic...

Bluejeans heiress Elizabeth Meyer, president of Newport, Rhode Island-based J Class Management, discovered Endeavour rotting at dock in England in 1984. Meyer spent five years and $10 m to restore the yacht before selling it to the Tyco chief executive for $15 m.

The identity of the purchasing party has not been made public.

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