Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bound for Guadeloupe

Until now I've been able to follow my parents path - they're cruising their sloop in the Caribbean Islands this winter - with some degree of understanding. They made landfall in St. Maarten. I'm a veteran of no less than three St. Maarten Heineken Regattas. They proceeded to St. Barths for a brief visit. I've made numerous "on charter" visits to the sparkling port town of Gustavia. From there they took a sail by St. Kitts. I've never been ashore but have anchored off. And they spent the holidays in Antigua, an island I've been visiting since I was a boy. But now they're going off the map - at least my somewhat limited map - bound for Guadeloupe, an island deep in the heart of the French Caribbean. In reading through the wikipedia article I came across an interesting fact about's culture is probably best known for the islanders' literary achievements, particularly the poetry of Saint-John Perse, the pseudonym used by Alexis L├ęger. Perse won the 1960 Nobel Prize in Literature "for the soaring flight and the evocative imagery of his poetry which in a visionary fashion reflects the conditions of our time."

"The Sea . . . on its confines, under its falconry of white clouds, like a tax-free domain and like entailed land, like a province of rank weeds that was wagered on the dice." - Seamarks (1954 )

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Turinas said...

Drool! Lucky buggers. I charted a cat in Guadeloupe in 2005. Big pluses are best food in the islands (it's French). Downside is sailing with Frenchies. Don't get me wrong in their place (that would be France) I love the French but there is something about being on a sailboat that makes them even more opionated and rude.

Marie Galante (small island to the south) is worth missing. Not much there and a bit depressing

Isle Des Saintes is a great stop. It's like a French fishing village in the Caribbean. One of the best places I have ever stopped.

Dominica to the south is interesting. It's a very lush place and beautiful in a jungly sorta way but it's very underdeveloped and a bit spooky. It also rains a lot and has a very overcast feel. That said, it's the best diving in the Caribbean IMHO.