Monday, January 08, 2007


This past Saturday in the Northeast U.S. the winds was up and the air was warm...nearly 70 degrees, perfect weather for a sail. Unfortunately, most of the sailors round these parts have put their boats up...with the notable exception of the frostbiting contingent (for the '06 - '07 season now renamed the "warmbiters") . I was on errands with my four-year-old Saturday morning and wherever we went - from Lowe’s to the liquor store - the topic of conversation was the warm weather and it's relation to "global warming" as well as dark mutterings about the "revenge" Mother Nature would exact in the form of April blizzards and dead Polar Bears. From a sailing perspective I wonder, will the climate shift mean sailing all the year around for Long Island Sound waters? Given that I've lived nearly a third of my life in the temperate climates of the Caribbean and California the shortened season is one of the least appealing facts of living in the Northeast. I’m not foolish enough to cheer global climate change…but if I was forced to look on the bright side I’d say the ability to reach off to Shelter Island in the middle of January without freezing my ass off might be something I could adjust to...

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