Wednesday, January 03, 2007

January Blossoms & Three Cheers for Michael

Enough navel gazing say the readers...get back to writing about sailing. Despite news that the cherry blossoms are blooming in Brooklyn, it was 27 degrees this AM when I climbed into the car and I'm no the chances of me getting out on the water any time soon are fairly slim. Luckily I have stories like the near triumph of 14-year old Michael Perham who today - any moment now - is expected to become the youngest person to sail single-handedly across the Atlantic. He'll make landfall at Nelson's Dockyard in Antigua after an arduous six-week crossing 3,500 miles of open water from Gibraltar. In comparison Robin Lee Graham - sailor and author of Dove - was sixteen when he set out to make his now famous circumnavigation aboard a 24' sloop. Makes me wonder what's next for Michael. I can't imagine sitting in a schoolroom is going to be all that appealing.

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Here's one about the day to day life of not working for a living but building a boat as living life!