Thursday, January 04, 2007

Solo Sailor Barnes Near Rescue

Today is a lucky day for American voyager Ken Barnes. The A.P. is reporting that a Chilean navy search plane has spotted the solo sailor on his storm-battered yacht off the southern tip of South America. According to the report, a trawler was heading to rescue him. Barnes, 47, set off from Long Beach, Calif., on Oct. 28 in a 44-foot ketch called the Privateer in hopes of sailing around the world. His girlfriend, Cathy Chambers, said he called her Tuesday in California on his satellite phone to say he was in trouble due to a storm. He told Chambers he had lost engine power and steering and had two broken masts and broken hatches. The Privateer was also taking on water in 46-mph winds and 25-foot swells, she said.

Down but not out, Ken. Hang in there buddy...the Chilean navy is coming to the rescue :-)

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Turinas said...

and the story has a happy ending