Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Good Old Boat

Hopefully flying back from Tampa to NYC later today after a few days down here on business. I actually like the part of Florida that's by the water...last night we went for dinner in Clearwater Beach and on the way passed through the town of Dunedin - which was, I later learned, was the boyhood home of sailboat designer John G. Hanna, who designed the Tahiti ketch. I stopped at a bookstore on the way back to the hotel and picked up a boating magazine I'd never seen or heard of before...."Good Old Boat"which bills itself as, The Sailing Magazine for the Rest of Us. The magazine was launched a decade ago by Jerry Powlas and Karen Larson who consider themselves just "sailors down the dock" who have turned their passion for sailing into one of the most respected and read sailing publications in the industry. I'd never read it but after thumbing through the current issue I could see the appeal. The articles are thorough and well written. It's not as flashy as SAIL or Cruising World...which is somewhat refreshing actually. I give it an "under the radar" thumbs up. Not bad for a dead tree pub...

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Shoe-shine boy said...

I like Good Old Boat a lot, except for the articles where a guy tears down a Tanzer, including separating the deck from the hull and rebedding and rebuilding everything in between. Nothing against Tanzer, and nothing against boat rebuilds, but some boats just ain't worth the expense and hassle. Somehow though, these boats and articles find themselves into GOB.

They did do a review of the C&C Redwing, though, the boat I am rebuilding now. GOB issue #10. My rebuild site is here.