Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stuck in Tampa

Speaking of Florida the 2007 Miami International Boat Show and Strictly Sail Miami kicks off this weekend. The weather is turning cold down here (yes, still here...this is my 28th hour in the Tampa airport trying to fly into NYC) which is likely to impact attendance but, as boat shows go, this is the big daddy with more than 2,200 exhibitors. Strictly Sail is the portion our sort would prefer for prime hull thumping...the larger boat show is very stinkpot oriented.

My boat show experiences are mostly limited to Annapolis...I understand why they appeal to the masses but honestly spending a day throwing elbows with the over 145,000 attendees in Miami while marveling at all the things I want but can't afford sounds like a downer. What do you think? Boat shows...are they tremendous fun or a drag? Certainly the rum drinks at the Annapolis show (Pussers Painkillers) are a help. Ones relative poverty (as juxtaposed with a $750,000 yacht) is always born better with a buzz.


Tillerman said...

I find that I do enjoy boat shows because I have no wish to buy a $750,000 yacht. I know such an item would not give me as much pleasure as my Laser so why bother with it?

So instead of lining up to walk around some leadmine with kitchen units and bunk beds I explore the smaller stands and look for bargains in sailing clothes, interesting books about sailing, sailing vacations, small items of gear, etc. Usually I come away with a back of goodies and a big smile.

Brent O. said...

I live literally across the street from the Miami Beach Convention Center, so of course I go. I find it really interesting to see what features the big boats are adding, how they're implementing things, and what innovations they're coming up with. Is it a bummer that I can't afford one? Sure, but it's neat to see what they're coming out with.

Zephyr (Sail) said...

Good points all. Maybe I should rediscover the basic joys of the boat show!