Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rebuilding the Redwing (go Shoe Shine)

A fellow wrote in the other day in response to my recent posting on the publication "Good Old Boat," saying, "I like Good Old Boat a lot, except for the articles where a guy tears down a Tanzer, including separating the deck from the hull and rebedding and rebuilding everything in between. Nothing against Tanzer, and nothing against boat rebuilds, but some boats just ain't worth the expense and hassle. Somehow though, these boats and articles find themselves into GOB. They did do a review of the C&C Redwing, though, the boat I am rebuilding now. GOB issue #10."

"Shoe-shine boy," is indeed rebuilding a C&C Redwing and has documented the project in his blog...good reading for those inclined to think they want to undertake a restore of a classic - or at least older - sailing yacht (does a boat built in 1970 now qualify as classic?). I have a deep respect for people who dedicate time and effort to such projects - they stand head and shoulders above the majority of us who'd rather buy something ready-to-sail or at least pay someone else to do the dirty work. Looking forward to her launch date Shoe and thanks for the comment!


Anonymous said...

Ted Brewer wrote an article about Redwing, and shoe shine boy just quoted him as saying the boat is a classic.

WeSailFurther said...

Outstanding commentary. And thanks for providing a link to the page. Hopefully folks will check it out.

I would especially love to hear from other Redwing owners. It's a great boat and if we could share resources it may keep a few more alive.

Check out the links on the right hand side of the page, too. Some good old boat reviews (about Redwing, that are online) and provided. Including the one that Ted Brewer wrote.

Sorry for the mix up. I am not, by any reasonable strecth of the imagination a Ted Brewer. (And if the real Ted Brewer stumbles across the Redwing's blog, please say hello!)

Zephyr (Sail) said...

Looks like I got mixed up! Ted was the author of an article on the Redwing. Shoe shine is the author of the restoration blog. Sorry gang ;-)