Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Go John Gage Go

Cruising World ran a story yesterday about John Gage, 74, who is anticipated to be one of the oldest people to have circumnavigated the globe when he sails into Raritan Bay on the New Jersey coast in early May.

Now we all agree that age is generally no barrier to sailing as long as one remains in good form...just ask Tillerman a top notch sailing blogger (and Laser cowboy) up in years who flogs the motto, "Cheat the nursing home. Die on your Laser." But sailing round the world is no mean feat for even the fittest and most stolid of sailors. John Gage may still have a few miles to cover...but I'm paying my respects in advance.

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Tillerman said...

I'm not in the same league as a 74-year-old who sails around the world. I'm just a weekend racer who goes home to a hot shower and a warm bed after racing. Mr Gage has my utmost respect.