Monday, March 19, 2007

A Love Affair

You're likely not in my demographic if you're on the hunt for a classic yacht to restore - it's not so much a questions of money (though I have none) - as it is one of the luxury of free time (I have none) and a patience and purpose (again, none) to labor at the service of a dream that may never come to pass. Such is the standard formula for a classic yacht love affair, in many ways not all that different from the human variety. But what do I know? I'm only a married-with-two-little-kids and a dream sucking corporate-desk-job slob. I'm not the throw-it-all-away to render beauty and classicism real type yachtsman.

Problem is that I actually am. But I'm way, way undercover. Shhhhhhhh...

Take a look here at the 72' Rhodes-designed "Escapade." She's ripe for a lover with grand vision and deep pockets. Perhaps one of you will woo her?

There's something ineffable about watching a classic yacht under sail. It scratches a place deep down in me that nothing else can seem to reach. That's a love affair, truly. Hurts so good.

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