Monday, March 26, 2007

Sailing Podcasts

This morning on the way to work I listened to a sailing podcast via an iPod wired into the car stereo. What the hell am I babbling about, you may wonder. The "podcast" continues in the vein of new media channels with very odd names (blog, wiki, etc) but don't be's cooler than it sounds. Essentially an audio segment (thought they can be video) of a specific topic or set of topics, podcasts are downloadable clips that can be replayed on your computer or your iPod-type music player. I use iTunes and a 30 GB 5th gen video iPod but you can pretty much work with any combo of computer/listening device. If you go to iTunes, search the term "sailing" through the podcast channel and it will return about a dozen or so options you can then "subscribe" to. I've listed the best ones I've heard to date. Remember that this technology is just beginning to catch on to the broader masses so expect new channels to come on line...particularly as the AC ramps up in Spain this summer.

1) Full Sail Radio (audio/good tactics)
2) (audio/great interviews)
3) (video but in French)
4) good old boat newsletter (audio/great content but not updated frequently)
5) PodCastAway: Liveaboard Cruising (audio/terrific cruising podcast)

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