Monday, June 18, 2007

A Morning Light Update

I wrote about Roy Disney's Tranpac program Morning Light some time ago - but to recap it's an effort to field "the youngest crew ever to sail the Transpac..." with plans to chronicle the recruitment, training and performance of sailors as young as 18 throughout the 2007 race for the eventual release of a full-length feature documentary film.

The SoCal Boating Log ran an article the other day on the teams practice run at the Hoag Regatta - held at the Balboa Yacht Club in Newport, CA. The Transpac begins shortly (July 9) and the Morning Light crew, coming off many months of hardcore training, are airing race their youthful moves around the buoys.

Morning Light's Transpac crewmembers are: Wilmot; Van Os; Chris Branning, 21, Saratosa, FL; Graham Brant-Zawadzki, 22, Newport Beach, CA; Charlie Enright, 22, Bristol, RI; Jesse Fielding, 20, North Kingston, RI; Robbie Kane, 22, Fairfield, CT; Chris Schubert, 22, Rye, NY; Mark Towill, 18, Kahalu'u, HI; Genny Tulloch, 22, Houston TX; and Chris Welch, 19, Grosse Pointe, MI.


Carol Anne said...

I might add that the reason there are 15 people in the photo and only 11 names in the list of crew is that there are four alternate crew members.

One of them is Kate Theisen, of Socorro, New Mexico. Yes, we have sailors in the desert -- even if some, like Kate, are transplants from elsewhere. She grew up on a boat that her parents still live on in Florida.

Zephyr (Sail) said...

Thank you Carol Anne for mentioning Kate! Alternates are every bit as important as the core team.