Saturday, June 16, 2007


News on the Zephyr family soon as we can sell our house we're moving south to Richmond, VA from the NYC tristate area. A number of reasons, including being closer to extended family, the reduced cost of living and the opportunity to work "remotely" for the same NY salary...have made the timing right. The question is, where to sail? Richmond is a lovely town and blessed with many beautiful neighborhoods of distinction and grace. But it's on a "rivah" not an ocean or a bay. Luckily a sixty minute drive to the west takes you to the "Tidewater" and access to the Virginia side of the Chesapeake Bay. Clubs like the Fishing Bay YC in Deltaville and assorted outposts in Urbanna (home of Virginia's official oyster festival) run active fleets. Zephyr...which is less a regional blog and more a catch all for sailing culture will continue true to this focus...albeit authored from more southern latitudes.

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Tillerman said...

Good luck with the move. Richmond is indeed a lovely town and if I were moving to that area I would definitely consider Fishing Bay YC as a base for my sailing. I've done a few regattas there and always had a great time. The people are very welcoming and it looks like a really cool club.