Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ocean Wanderers

Sailing and the broadcast medium haven't had the best track record - not to say that big events like the America's Cup aren't covered...they are. And not to say there haven’t been movies about sailing (Captain Ron). There have. But there is dearth of good, solid broadcast programming…and I’m not talking about the fringe element of the sport but about general public access. If you agree with me then take note of this program on the “Fine Living” television network – an example of an exception to the general rule. Called “Ocean Wanderers” it documents Tony and Arien Knight who kick off the eight episode series by selling all their belongings, buying a boat (the Ocean Wanderer), grabbing their two young children and spending the next five years circumnavigating the globe.

Unfortunately the series ran in 2006 and has not been re-aired…proving my original point (also Fine Living TV isn’t exactly mainstream).

Ocean Wanderers
Ocean Wanderer on FINE LIVING is the chronicle of the Knight family's amazing voyage of exploration of the planet and themselves. Come along for the journey of a lifetime as Tony, Arien and their two children set out to realize a rare personal dream by taking five years out of their lives to sail around the world. Watch as the Knight family grows, both in size and in spirit, and weathers self-doubt, squalls, storms, pirates, injury, and everything else the Seven Seas can throw at them.


Carol Anne said...

The not-exactly-mainstream channel that I have enjoyed watching was the Water Channel. Each weeknight's prime-time lineup had a particular focus, such as fishing, diving, or sailing.

Unfortunately, lately, the Water Channel's daytime lineup has been infomercials, usually not related to water recreation at all, and the prime-time programming has been "Off Air" -- I fear the channel is going belly-up.

What would be nice would be for the satellite provider to replace the Water Channel with Versus -- right now, that's not available in the basic subscription, only in the higher-priced tiers.

Anonymous said...

I saw this series on Fine Living back in '06. I have been trying to buy the series on DVD but Fine Living does not sell their episodes on DVD. Do you know if DVD's of this show are available?

Anonymous said...

I have news regarding Ocean Wanderer. I talked to the production company and they told me it will be at least another year for their license will end. DVD or online viewing of Ocean Wanderer will not be available for a while.

The only way to see the series is if someone anonymously uploads series to sites like or bittorrent.

Honest people like myself would love to purchase it but it's not for sale.