Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Rich, Revving Rednecker & Other Stinkpot Dangers

Lonnie has a heeeeeelarious post up on his blog RE the species of boater affectionately known as the "stinkpotter." He lists several sub-species with a fine degree of accuracy...and even includes "how to deal" guidelines. Kudos Bruner...you made my day!

An Excerpt....
Nothing spoils your day like having one of these fuckbags anchor within 200 yards. The Rich, Revving Rednecker and his loud fiberglass dick will deafen you and your crew and choke your guts out with black exhaust. It's so loud I can almost hear the noise coming out of the above image.

The Rich, Revving Rednecker must have a penis that's so small that it inverts back into itself.

How to Deal with Them: Never wave. Brace yourself because they think the fastest boat has right-of-way (one of them actually told me that once). A middle finger may be necessary during daytime; if at night, consider pooping on their deck.

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