Friday, August 17, 2007

Way Out of the Mainstream

Naturally I could close out the week with a post about the Fastnet...or any number of stories percolating in the sailing world. But one of the things I really enjoy doing with this space is finding unusual bits that might not make it to mainstream sailing press. True to form I've uncovered such a story (in the Scotsman) but before elaborating...a word about an upcoming story in the very traditional mainstream sailing press, SAIL Magazine. In the October issue SAIL will be covering the sailing scene in Second Life...SL being the three -dimensional online virtual world that - while still in technology infancy - is making a very big impression. No specifics on the October story but I am very excited to see what SAIL does with the topic. There's a large community of sailors from all over the world who congregate, visit with one another and virtually race sailing dinghy's and yachts in the Second Life world..while that may indeed sound strange to many of's my fervent belief that virtual communities will play a very large role in how we connect with one another in the times to come. The sailing enthusiasts who are taking part through the early iterations of the technology are true pioneers...and the editors of SAIL Magazine are smart enough to see the implications.


The Scotsman carries news of a voyage designed to recreate the harsh conditions aboard the marauding Viking ships in the North Sea. The crew set sail from Roskilde on July 1 using oar and sail power, journeying more than 1,000 nautical miles and aiming to shed light on Viking ship-building and travel. Crafted from the wood of 300 oak trees, the 100ft long Sea Stallion is the world's largest reconstructed Viking vessel, its builders say.

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