Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Catching Up

It's been a busy month what with the trip to Spain and work-related projects coming on big time. Not as much opportunity for sailing or writing but don't give up...Zephyr Sail will see 2007 through in good form.

Heading to the Chesapeake...where warm weather lingers...for a Fall sailing weekend on November 10. My Dad and I are going to take my five-year old son on his first overnight sail. A brief sojourn up the Tred Avon to drop the hook up some deserted creek. Nothing fancy but I always welcome the opportunity to be on the water with these two people and the fall season on the Chesapeake can be breathtaking.

I took a look through my archives, which stretch back a few years now, and noted that October has always been a big month for coverage of the Annapolis Sailboat Show. I missed it this year but be certain to read Herb's blog post over on Cruising World - he details the annual changing of the guard that marks the division between the Powerboat and Sailboat shows along the Annapolis waterfront...a drunkenly, gleefully observed occasion I'd completely forgotten about until now...appropriately known as Breakdown Day!

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