Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yacht Monkeys...previewing soon

I've wondered at the dearth of sailing-oriented plot lines on the telly. Not that I watch all that much TV one way or another but it's interesting that, in the long history of television drama and sitcom, there has never been - as far as I know - a show set on a yacht, in a marina or a boatyard. I kind of like the boatyard backdrop idea...a mash-up of (dating myself here) Sanford & Son, Hill Street Blues and, say, Cheers. A little bit of Six Feet Under too. There are plenty of real life stories out there that could be picked up for example this sordid tale out of the LA Times. If we wrote and cast a pilot what would we call it?

Some ideas:

* The Yard (Short and sweet...more of a crime oriented drama)
* Gully (Gully would be the cantankerous boatyard owner with a heart)
* Yacht Monkeys (a comedy with an Al Bundy type lead...his hot wife is banging the artistic varnish worker)
* Essex Junction (angst filled 20 somethings suffer boatyard intrigue in Connecticut)


Pat said...

The movie Dead Calm?

And, just having a boat as background or residence,

Blood Work movie with Clint Eastwood?

Quincy -- medical investigator show?

Tillerman said...

I guess Yacht Rock doesn't count?

Unknown said...

Ooh! Ooh! (Raising arm at the back of the classroom) How about "Slackwater Marine"? All of the above, plus misc. drug-running, crazed alcoholism, blatant racism, and a dead-hatred of all South Africans? Of course, there will be the standard glorious Caribbean backdrop.
Oh. Yeah. I already work there.

Captain John said...

What's TV? Is that something you can do on the water?