Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Do Wear a Helmet

As the winter season comes on it's time to think of alternatives to sitting by the fire thumbing old copies of SAIL Magazine (or surfing the many enlightening sailing blogs). There is always the West Indies...at least if you live in the Northeast U.S. Florida. The South Pacific. San Diego. There are die hards who tout frostbiting. And...as the UK Telegraph points out...there is always ice sailing. Do: Wear a helmet. Don't: Sail over thin ice.

Here's a website for European oriented crazies...errrr I mean ice sailors. But I'm quite certain that the good ol U.S. has its fair share of nut cases...or ice sailing enthusiasts. And I'm willing to bet they gather on lakes throughout the midwest. Seriously...I have the balls to take a 77' yacht offshore (though it's been awhile) but could I tackle screaming across the ice on a modified sailboat? It takes a special person.


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I had pretty good awareness of all the sailing blogs ..

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